The Janata Co-operative Bank Ltd.

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Asset - Liability Management (ALM) Policy

“Asset - Liability Management (ALM) Policy ”

The Asset - Liability Management (ALM) Policy of the Janata Co-operative Bank Ltd. reviewed after taking into consideration the guidelines/circulars issued by Reserve Bank of India from time and approved by the Board of Directors in its meeting held on 28.12.2022 vide Resolution No.A.1.(d)(ii) as under :

The Indian financial market have witnessed wide ranging changes at a vast pace during the last few years. The intense objectives for business involving both Assets and Liabilities together with increasing volatility in the interest rates has brought pressure on the Management to maintain a good balance among spreads, profitability and long term, viability. The comprehensive policy has to put in place for measuring, monitoring and managing the composition of assets and liabilities to safeguard the bank’s interest in view of volatile market trends change in interest rate and various risks.